CIS Configurator

CIS BuilderCIS Configurator is a browser based application used to automate the configuration of build-to-order products and services with multiple options.  It is Designed to be extremely flexible, it provides manufacturing operations with the capability to easily and efficiently produce highly customizable and configurable product lines.  It's ease of use in the design area and within the QuoteBuilder application reduces errors and time to produce the correct Quote/Order for the customer. 

Salespersons or Customers can configure products themselves without dependency on manufacturing or engineering personnel.  CIS Configuratorcan be embedded in other applications and, along with QuoteBuilder can be integrated to your back end Accounting, Manufacturing and CRM systems to reduce data entry and order production time.  This can save your company time and money and improve customer service by reducing lead times and errors and allows you to respond more quickly to customer demand.

Key Features:


  • Browser based
  • Quick to learn and create configurations
  • Easy for salespeople and customers to use
  • Reduces errors and order creation time
  • Can integrate with existing Accounting, Manufacturing and CRM systems


The Visual Configur8or Brochure CIS Configurator Brochure

* Adobe reader required. Download the latest version.

To learn more, visit CIS Configurator website.

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