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Manufacturing software is a critical tool which helps management in mapping out which direction to head and choosing the resources to get there.  With today's conflicting demands and scarce resources it is important that managers use manufacturing software to provide insight to these critical decisions.  Manufacturing software will help managers to:

CIS Configurator is a browser based application used to automate the configuration of build-to-order products and services with multiple options.  It is designed to be extremely flexible, it provides manufacturing operations with the capability to easily and efficiently produce highly customizable and configurable product lines.   For more information click here

AutoSimply Manufacturing Order is an easy-to-use manufacturing solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.  Using Sage 300 ERP SDK, its design is fully integrated with Sage 300 ERP Finance and Logistics modules.  Simple yet powerful, Autosimply enables an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.   For more information click here

MISys SBM  is an economical and user-friendly manufacturing system with functionality scalable to meet the needs of a growing business. It can run stand-alone, or fully integrated with leading accounting software products (Simply Accounting, Sage 300 ERP, Peachtree, and Quickbooks) as a complete business solution.  For more information click here

BatchMaster Software offers a modular financial and manufacturing ERP solution that enables formula-based manufacturers worldwide to streamline their operations and scale production, while reducing costs and complying with ever stringent regulatory mandates.  For more information click here

Genius™ Manufacturing software is a comprehensive manufacturing management software supporting the business process from estimating through to final shipment. The application is a fully integrated solution with process flow moving data from module to module to maximize information availability and minimize repetition of data entry.  For more information click here

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