PrintbossPrintBoss from Wellspring Software is a tool that integrates with your accounting system and lets you securely print checks and manage other documents. Most customers use PrintBoss to created checks on blank check paper. PrintBoss creates the check format and all the check information including the company information, bank account number, bank routing number and check number. You can save 80% of the cost of buying preprinted checks.

Companies with multiple bank accounts can use the same paper for all of the checks that they print.  It also lets you decide what to print, fax, email or save individually or simultaneously. 


PrintBoss key features:

  • Print all checks onto the same blank check stock
  • Dynamic naming of files and e-mails
  • Print signatures based on the amount of the check
  • Create a Positive Pay File
  • Restrict the personnel who can print checks
  • Create a security stamp that identifies the person who printed the check
  • Print document copies from different trays
  • Print document copies to different printers
  • Print document copies as a fax or an e-mail
  • Create an archival PDF file for each document



PrintBoss Enterprise Overview

PrintBoss Comparison Chart by Product Edition

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