Real-Time Analytics for Sage 300 in Partnership with Anvizent

Anvizent logoHarness the full value of your Sage 300 data with real-time, self-service analytics from Anvizent.  Anvizent is a fully integrated end-to-end analytics solution. Built on patent pending automated data warehousing technology, Anvizent integrates Sage 300 data and other enterprise data into one platform, letting users access and analyze data in real-time through 100+ pre-built dashboards. There’s no programming, no manual data preparation and no waiting for reports and dashboards. Just instant insights when and where you need them.

Sage 300 Integrated and Ready to Use

Anvizent is the fastest and easiest way to enable analytics on your Sage data. It comes with pre-built mappings and business logic for all Sage modules, enabling you to get started right away. Simply connect to your data and start analyzing performance using powerful, interactive dashboards.

Automated Data Preparation – No Manual Coding

Say good bye to tedious and time consuming manual data preparation processes. Anvizent’s automated ETL engine quickly prepares data for analysis, reducing lag from days and hours to minutes and seconds. Get faster access to clean, consistent, and reliable data while freeing up your resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Built-In Automated Data Warehouse – Combine Sage 300 Data and other Enterprise Data for a Comprehensive View of the Business

Break down data silos to create better context and analysis. Anvizent’s patent pending built-in automated data warehouse integrates Sage 300 and non-Sage 300 data into a single unified view. Analyze your ERP data in combination with data from your other business systems to gain unprecedented insights into the business.

True Self-Service Dashboards to Answer Ad-Hoc Questions

Why wait for hours or days to get access to the insights you need to run your business. With Anvizent, you can build dashboards in as little as 3 clicks and get immediate answers to your day-to-day business questions. Explore data from different angles, uncover trends, anticipate problems and take timely action to keep results on track.

100+ Pre-Built Dashboards for a 360 Degree Real-Time View of Business Performance

Take control of your business like never before! Monitor business performance at your fingertips with 100+ pre-built dashboards across all Sage modules.  Get at-a-glance view of performance and quickly drill down to understand underlying trends, issues and root causes.

Fastest Time to Implement and Lowest TCO

Anvizent can be deployed in a matter of days or weeks at the lowest up-front and on-going cost of ownership. This ensures quick value and a faster Return on Investment (ROI) than other solutions in the market.













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