Sage 300 ERP (formerly known as Sage Accpac)

Sage 300 ERP (main)Sage 300 ERP is an award-winning, web-based accounting system built on world-class, object-oriented, multi-tiered architecture.  Designed for companies of all sizes, Sage 300 ERP is the foundation for an integrated suite of end-to-end business management applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management, warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), point of sale, e-commerce, business analytics, advanced reporting, and hundreds of vertical solutions.

Sage 300 ERP offers high performance, advanced functionality, and unmatched freedom of choice.  You can choose the applications, technology, and deployment options you need most, and can easily customize and enhance your system as your business needs evolve.  Plus, Sage 300 ERP provides a transparent, bi-directional data flow between all parts of your system - the back office, the front office, the warehouse, and more - delivering instant integration, flexible deployment options, and unparalleled investment protection.

Sage 300 ERP helps businesses operate more efficiently and profitably, through better control, tighter integration, and enhanced visibility.  Available in three robust editions (Sage 300 ERP 100, 200, and 500), you can deploy it on site or as a hosted application, and can easily accommodate the changing needs of your growing organization.


Key Features:

  • Flexible modules, buy only what you need today, add more tomorrow.
  • As your business changes, Sage 300 ERP changes with you.
  • Program can be customized to meet your distinct needs.
  • Proven software being improved constantly.
  • Upgrades are received automatically with Sage 300 ERP Support Plus.
  • Learn more about Sage 300 ERP at the Sage website.




How to Choose an Accounting System - Sage Accpac PA Sage 300 ERP Brochure

To learn more, Visit the Sage website.

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What our customers say:

"I was very interested in speaking with KasTech when I found out the hosted version of Sage CRM might be the answer to my troubles…I was using Act! by Sage and found that I was quickly outgrowing its functionality.  I was immediately impressed with the fact that although it was such a comprehensive program, it didn't take up any space on my computer, had more customization features and I could access it remotely!  It was a wonderful change."

"KasTech provided the solution I needed with customer service that exceeded my expectations to back it up.  I have and will continue to recommend KasTech to my friends and colleagues."

MK Information Services,
Philadelphia, PA