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One of the most time consuming tasks when running a webstore is maintaning information about your products in stock across your website and accounting system.  In addition, performing this task is not only time consuming, but increases the chances of errors during the input of information in multiple systems. For those situations, we provide you with these solutions that will help you maintain your information across systems synchronized in real time

XM Symphony is a fully integrated web store solution, enabling real-time, two-way synchronization between the World Wide Web and your back office Sage ERP system (Sage 300 ERP or Sage X3 ERP).  For more information click here

XM Oxygen is the only eCommerce solution in the world designed to integrate Sage 300 ERP and the Internet in real-time.  For more information click here

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What our customers say:

"We called KasTech to design a custom steel processing program that could integrate seamlessly with our Accpac accounting system.  The program, the integration, and the exceptional response and support have made us extremely happy with KasTech Consulting as a whole"

Gulf & Northern Trading,
Camden, NJ