XM Oxygen

XM Oxygen KastechXM Oxygen is the only eCommerce solution in the world designed to integrate Sage 300 ERP and the Internet in real-time. Any changes made in the Sage 300 ERP core operational modules Inventory Control, Order Entry and Accounts Receivable) are automatically synchronized with the XM Oxygen web store regardless of where Sage 300 ERP and XM Oxygen are located.

This integration eliminates the need to manage inventory, pricing, order, shipment and customer information in two places therefore significantly reducing on-going web store management costs. Orders (or Quotes) processed by XM Oxygen are written to Sage 300 ERP in real-time, appearing in Sage 300 ERP in exactly the same manner as an order keyed directly into the Sage 300 ERP Order Entry module. By pushing order entry out to customers, the cost of processing orders is dramatically reduced.

XM Oxygen supports B2C and B2B web store requirements, as well as, provides the ability to enable web based order entry by Sales Representatives and Call Center staff. A number of cross selling capabilities are included to assist in the promotion of products and services. XM Oxygen is fully integrated with Google Analytics and it can be optimized for search engine visibility and marketing. Web based Reporting Services are also included with XM Oxygen, providing consolidated reporting of sales activity down to the customer and user level, in real-time. Breathe new life into your Sage 300 ERP implementation with XM Oxygen.


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"I was very interested in speaking with KasTech when I found out the hosted version of Sage CRM might be the answer to my troubles…I was using Act! by Sage and found that I was quickly outgrowing its functionality.  I was immediately impressed with the fact that although it was such a comprehensive program, it didn't take up any space on my computer, had more customization features and I could access it remotely!  It was a wonderful change."

"KasTech provided the solution I needed with customer service that exceeded my expectations to back it up.  I have and will continue to recommend KasTech to my friends and colleagues."

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Philadelphia, PA