Customization begins with communication between you and your consultant.  Make sure your consultant understands what you want.  No one wants to pay for a faulty solution and then have to deal with avoidable amounts of frustration.

We can help.  Our staff is trained to evaluate your procedures and offer expert advice.  We are experienced in Crystal Reporting, PrintBoss Forms and Visual Basic Programming.  From the setup of the software to major customization we will help you develop a system that contributes to the success of your business.  The best part is, we listen to what you want and help design solutions for your needs.


Custom Programming

When you are frustrated because your program is good but just can't do everything you want, give us a call.  We can come up with a solution using macros or Visual Basic programming.  We can also design custom solutions with Access databases and automate repetitive processes.

Crystal Reports

Custom reporting using Crystal Reports can pull data from the database in a format that makes using your information a good experience.  So often, clients put in a great system and are then left to fend for themselves or use reports that don't give them the information that they desire.  We know how important your needs are and are experienced in getting the reports you need.  We will evaluate your current reports and make suggestions for improvement or design reports that replicate something you had in another system and wish to use again.  Our specialized database knowledge makes us adept at giving you well designed, well tested reports.

Financial Reports

Customizing Financial Reports is another way we can help improve your business.  If you need a special Financial Report, call us.  We have done reports for monthly financial statistics, budget comparisons for month, year and prior year figures.  We can customize the reports to look professional enough to impress your board of directors.

PrintBoss Forms

PrintBoss Forms are in high demand because of their unique ability to recreate multiple copies of forms where the copies have different headings, blank out some figures and print different logos.  Another benefit of PrintBoss forms is that they can be printed separately with no data.  This is a benefit for the occasion when you may have to hand write orders or invoices.  Forms are the one part of your business that is visible to your clients.  Giving them a well designed PrintBoss form will show them that you run a professional business.  PrintBoss checks are another way to save your company money.  Checks are printed on blank check stock and the MICR encoding is printed on the check.  You can use different banks and multiple accounts.  Everything is taken care of through PrintBoss.  When your bank changes it's name, just change it in PrintBoss.  No need to purchase new checks.  Imagine the savings if your bank changes names or you change banks or bank accounts!

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What our customers say:

"KasTech has a very logical and practical approach to migration and implementation. They are very responsive and technically savvy. Their understanding of MISys and how it interfaces with other software is extensive. It has been a pleasure to work with Chuck and Laura."

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State College, PA